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Audio capture and manipulation by Tony Malawy.


released June 30, 2017

Aaron Halsey = bass guitar
Brian Hitpas = drum kit
Cory Knapp = guitar/voice/percussion
Jeff Pinkel = tenor saxophone
Tony Malawy = Head Chef



all rights reserved


Knoisemaker and the Silent Partners St Louis, Missouri

Diverse influences propel the sound into unequal parts alternative and jamband.

From the crowd, one can hear and feel the intensity of this groove-driven group.

100% Genuine, Organic Knoise.
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Track Name: Sophisticated Grunge in Stereo
There’s something about
the way I feel about you
keeps me looking your way.
There’s something about me you don’t understand.
Are we too scared to try? Would you care to try?
Will You.
If we open eyes at precisely the same time;
empty all that’s confined by the differences that blind.
In silence we speak, bringing to Earth all that seems beyond our reach.
In newfound unity finally free.

One solemn moment now, we can each be true.
If I open up, Will You.
Track Name: With A Smile
The love I seek is the Love you give.
Baby, that’s why it’s you I miss.
When you stopped comin round I sat with my head in the ground.
Shoulda been runnin after you dear, screamin that I want you near.

Wishin you would dig me out, dust me off, and hold me close With a Smile.

Why I did not jump? I just laid around like some chump.
Now the love you give is the love that is his.
Things have changed in so many ways.
I still think about you these days.
See our past from a distance away.
I’ll sit down here today.

Wishin that you’ll find it out, roll it off, and pick it up With A Smile.
Track Name: After Today
Wake me in the morning while I’m lying in my made bed.
Cool hand outstretched, my dreams come to an end.
Whisper on my ear ask if I’m ready to go.
Tell myself I’m not afraid, but I can feel it in my bones.

I just got to stay. Delay what comes After Today.

So good to see you. I appreciate you being here.
Before I walk with you, I’d like to see perfectly clear.
All the times I leave behind should be enough to sustain
dreams beyond belief so you can kindly greet them again.
Track Name: One Connection
Eye to eye one ever changing; one never looking beyond itself.
Eye to eye, Why must we always be looking for the other in the same direction?
Ay yi yi So much strain. Coming to and from Complex brains.
I know I can’t connect with smoke in my sights and mirrors around my head.

There is no one connection to provide direction.
Step to the side and say Compadre find your own way.

Man to man on foot in the sand; other is dipping into the ocean.
Hand in hand we no longer stand. Now back to back with our feet in motion.

Understand there is only one truth. There is no truth. Tormented plan slapped with a ban after a decade of deeds to soothe.
Track Name: Sugar Leaf Tree
Rusty old town, built up on one side of the hard road.
Steel rails driven through your heart. The rails still shake,
but not like before. The train stops no more.
It just blows by with it’s freight.
Dear town, I’m so close to you even when I’m miles away.
Deep ditches and crooked streets have kept you real and true.
It’s You I see when I look at me.

Quiet main street, once bustling with blood.
Born in a cloud of coal dust. Still and grey,
the mines below; Empty and hollow echo of the day.
Dear town I’m so close to you even when I’m miles away.
Years of cracks and bruises have left you broken and blue.
It’s You I see when I look at me.

You taught me how to stand alone
with hungry space for my dreams to grow.

Sugar Leaf Tree alive in the Spring.
Lights the land in the Fall. Branches quake
like reaching hands. The trunk still stands rooted in place.
I’m so very close to You dear town even when I’m miles away.
Those who You love have kept You above the ground.
It’s You I see when I look at me. I am Home.
Track Name: Fortune Cookie
Never mistake Temptation for Opportunity (in bed).
Find new outlets for your creative ability.
Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome too.
A pleasant surprise is in store for you.

Good fortune will find all you put your hands to.
Right now good things are being said about you.
Prolongeth your days with joyfulness.
The time is right to make new friends.

Your most valued skill may be your cunning.
True friends ask for only time not for money.
A life changing event may happen by accident.
The first step to better times is to imagine them.
Track Name: Surely I Do
I come stumbling in late at nite. Guitars bang as I come through the door.
You be crashed out on the couch.
Covers pulled up tight with your head by the phone.
Your eyes creek as they peep.
Wondering where’s your man while you’ve been alone.
I can assure you momma I’m never too far from home.

Surely I do love you.

Every once in a while we be fighting.
Angry at the other, still don’t know what for.
We may stomp and we may shout, or button it up behind a door.
Then I look into those eyes, and we both find the love we adore.
Ain’t nothing nearly as crucial as keeping you by my side forevermore.

Yeah so now remember I dig you five times the size you be digging me. Next time our brows be wrinkled, shake it off mamma, we let it be.
May our eyes be fixed on the prize of keeping this our crazy happy home. Ain’t no doubt what the fuss is all about. Wrapped up is where we belong.
Track Name: Familiar Mind
Let’s sit back and get a better view.
I come here all the time; this time I came for you.
We both know what’s on your head.
Mirage by the riverside nearly wound up dead.

Moments awoke from a lifetime ago.
Still got his woman with one in tow.
Smile my friend now so I can see
a Familiar Mind still in one piece.

Go back in now, tall glass in your hand.
Trying to forget that you’re only a man.
We both know what’s on my head.
Whole lot of skin and an ole grin been inhaling again.

With that go-to-hell hat, what else could it be?
Minutes to midnight and you’re still talking to me.
We both know it’s on our heads.
Before they roll we better go.
Dream tomorrow instead.
Track Name: Thinnest Limb
Sprawled out on the thinnest limb praying for wind.
When it comes may it blow gently, yet strong enough to bend my will.
All of my dreams have nowhere to weigh.
Unquenched my thirst, yet my cup is overfilled.